Michael Jackson – Remixes Pack 4 (By DesjKeT)

Michael Jackson
Álbum: Remixes Pack 4 (By DesjKeT)
Año: 2008 – 2009
Formato/Bitrate: MP3 – 320KBPS
Tamaño: 543.54 MB

Lista de Canciones:

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CD 1: 2008 Escape (Remixes Vol 1)
01 Escape (Briggsy’s Demon Anthem Mix)
02 Escape (Unreleased)
03 Escape (2006 Electric Eyes Mix – Dirtyorangeknickers)
04 Escape (Black Drums Gus Mix)
05 Escape (Ceyload’s Fake Live)
06 Escape (Speed Demon Remix)
07 Escape (Thriller Mix)

CD 2: 2008 Get On The Floor (Remixes Vol 1)
01 Get On The Floor (25th Anniversary Radio Mix)
02 Get On The Floor (DMX Instrumental Version)
03 Get On The Floor (Main Mix)
04 Get On The Floor
05 Get On The Floor (Shoot The Clown Remix)
06 Get On The Floor (Around The World Remix)
07 Get On The Floor (Dance Rhythm)
08 Get On The Floor (Summerheadz Porn Dub)
09 Get On The Floor (25th Anniversary Club Mix)
10 Get On The Floor (2004 Side A Bootleg)
11 Get On The Floor (Summerheadz Sir Piers Mix)
12 Get On The Floor (Thiller Shake Your Body Mix)

CD 3: 2008 Original Michael Jackson Remix (Alexelie In The Mix)
01. Remember The Time (Alexelie Album Remix)
02. Ben (Alexelie Romantic Mix)
03. Billie Jean (Alexelie Hardgroove Remix)
04. Butterflies (Alexelie Remix)
05. Rock With You (Alexelie Remix)
06. Blood On The Dance Floor (Suzy Alexelie Remix)
07. 5Phonie
08. You Rock My World (Alexelie Remix)

CD 4: 2009 Ben Liebrand (The Definitive Mega Mix)
01 Ben Liebrand – The Definitive Mega Mix

CD 5: 2009 Michael Jackson & Jay Z – Mj3 Fade To Jack (The Re-fix)

01. Talkin About Butterflies
02. Thank You for ABCs
03. DOES Death of the Earth Song
04. They Dont Care Who Runs this Town
05. Empire State Rockin
06. Got to be as Real as it gets
07. On to the Next Trip On Me
08. Blood Off That Dance Floor
09. Remember the Time A Star is Born
10. Venus vs Mars Who is it
11. Never Can Say Goodbye to Home
12. Billy Jean is a Hater
13. Reminder to Rock with You
14. Will You be Ambitious
15. Ben Young Forever
16. Dirty Techno

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